How is this sustainable?

What I really don’t like about mobile technologies is also what I love about them…they’re constantly changing. It just doesn’t seem sustainable.  I see something that looks amazing to incorporate into a classroom, I get excited about it, I learn how to use it, I teach my students how to use it, and…. then there’s something that seems just a bit better out there, so I abandon the last tool and march on with the new one…and so on…and so on!  

Don’t get me wrong – it’s exciting times, especially in our studies. There’s just so much out there. In so many ways the fact that there’s new and better out there is thrilling.   It’s exciting, it’s challenging, it’s overwhelming,…for us as well as for our students.  I just worry that because we’re in such a constant state of change, we are missing key components in the process of learning.  It’s also a lot of time…which is precious not only in our lives but in our students!  I know there’s not one- size fits all package for all students, but it seems to me that we spend an inordinate amount of time reinventing the wheel!  Anybody else out there feel the same?