Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 5.19.56 PMWelcome to Tech – Tuesday!  Are you looking for help in sending an email, getting online, or figuring out Facebook, your iPad/tablet, cellphone or TV remote? Would you like to learn how to make a video, or do you just need a little technical or computer help? Whether you want to be taught or have your tech problem fixed, we are here to help! We offer tech support that is fun and easy, with personalized attention so that you can both learn and enjoy your technology. Check out the options below.

Tech – Tuesday also offers a series of workshops led by qualified educators whose goal is to introduce different tech tools where participants can learn and explore in a supportive environment.  Class sizes are limited to eight participants to ensure quality time and assistance.  Check out the options below.

Upcoming Workshops

Make a Photo Book


Do you have a collection of photos from a family event that you’d like to put into a photo book?  Using Google Photos, we will select up to 100 photos and create a photo book.  We’ll select photos, put them in an album, edit them, then add them to make a book. For this workshop, you’ll need to have a Gmail account and the photographs you want to use on your device.  

Make a Video


Do you have a birthday, wedding, anniversary or celebration of some kind where you have collected some photos and would like to put them all into a video? This workshop will show you just how to do that.  Come to the class with the photos on your computer/iPad and we will do the rest! For this workshop, you’ll need to have a Gmail account and the photos on your device.  There is no need to download anything extra. 

Make your own website 


Have you always wanted to have your own website?  In this workshop, we will help you set up a basic website where you can keep family informed of an upcoming event,  showcase your art or craft, the sky’s the limit.  We will show you how to integrate multiple photos, information, and even videos. For this workshop, you’ll need to have a Gmail account and any photos you’d like to include on your device.

Create a Professional Slide Presentation

Using Google Slides, we’ll show you how to make a powerful, fun (and easy) presentation!  No longer just for office use, Google Slides is a presentation editor for everyone. Text, images as well as videos can be included. You can use it for a wedding, birthday, or any other special event. Slides are presented in a linear fashion. You can even work online with someone else.

Other Services

One-on-One Sessions

Would you like a customized lesson designed to suit your specific needs? Sometimes you need a hand figuring out your very own personal computing or mobile problems.  We provide personalized instruction to help you deal with any aspect of computing. From Google maps to basic email, we can help with any area your require. We offer our services at a reasonable hourly rate so you can get your technology questions answered.  Payment can be credit card, cheque or cash.

1 hour – $60.00 (CAD) 

To book a time: call 306.514.1824, email: techtuesdayyxe@gmail.com, or fill in the CONTACT ME page.

5 Lesson Plan

If you wish to set up a series of visits to deal with a variety of different issues, we can offer a reduced rate. This can be really helpful in order to keep your computer skills sharp over a period of time. It also includes phone support if you get stuck when we’re not around!  (Telephone support time is deducted from session time). These sessions will be tailored to your individual needs so you can learn whatever you need know.  Payment can be credit card, cheque or cash.

5 hours – $250.00 (CAD)

To book a time: call 306.514.1824, email: techtuesdayyxe@gmail.com, or fill in the CONTACT ME page.  

Group Lessons

Would you and some of your friends enjoy working in a group to answer a number of questions, cover general computing topics, or learn something new you’ve seen? We specialize in teaching groups and we know how to get our information across in a clear and concise manner. We make the learning fun through a variety of engaging lesson plans and also offer a question and answer section.  Payment can be credit card, cheque or cash.

1 hour – $125.00 (CAD)

To book a time: call 306.514.1824, email: techtuesdayyxe@gmail.com, or fill in the CONTACT ME page. 


Charmalee Kirk began her educational career teaching secondary students in Vernon, British Columbia.  She then moved to Saskatoon and began working with newcomers to Canada teaching English as a Second Language.  In October of 2015, she walked 800 km across northern Spain on the Camino de Santiago.  A year later,  she returned to BC to complete a Masters in Educational Technology at UBC. She then worked as a technology specialist and Assistant Director at an Independent School for girls, York House.  Charmalee is now living in Saskatoon and very passionate about helping others become more confident using technology while gaining new skills.

Charmalee has completed her Google Educator Level 1 and 2 and has presented at numerous Google Summits as well as teacher development workshops. She has led a variety of small group workshops to both children and adults.



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“What makes technology empowering, is how we use it.”

education-381909_960_720Technology should not be used just because it is there. Technology can improve communication between people, enhance thinking skills, make instruction more efficient and effective, as well as help to develop important life skills. Technology needs to be used purposefully and appropriately.  It is not just a fancy add-on, but a tool with which to help us understand the world. As an instructor, the goal is not to do it for you, or tell you what to do, but to empower you to do things for yourself. Technology can help us make our lives easier, but it definitely doesn’t replace human interaction. 


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